The certified suite
to implement a safe and efficient
blood supply chain.

IT Solutions for the entire blood supply chain

Best international experiences for high-level solutions

The Gpi4Blood Suite is a range of high-level solutions made of best international experiences in blood supply chain management. Gpi4Blood offers a unique set of features within its portfolio of top-of-the-line solutions, able to meet the needs of different types of customers: large organisations, hospitals, blood centres , transplant centres and laboratories.


To focus on the care and on the transfusion process.

Doctors’ speaking

The suite integrates with the IT ecosystem of the hospital and speaks the same language of the medical staff.

Fully customizable

To cover every specific need and support the complete digital transformation of the organization.

Short learning curve

A quick solution, easy to install and easy to use. A low organizational switching cost to maximize the investment.

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1 suite, 3 software solutions for:    

  • Blood donor centers
  • Hospital blood banks and haemovigilance
  • Clinical labs
  • HLA labs
  • Cell therapy management
  • Cord blood banks
  • Solid organs transplants
  • Tissue banks
  • Human milk banks

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BEST CASE VIDEO: The Middle East Experience with Hematos

Medinfo International Hémoservice - GPI Group - with its 40 years of history, has been a pioneer in the field of blood management systems, cell therapy and organ transplantation, a key partner both in France and internationally, with more than 200 customers in Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Qatar, Thailand, Spain and Belgium. The collaboration with the most advanced transfusion centers in the world has allowed the MedInfo team to continuously enrich and update its flagship product, HEMATOS. Among the various success stories, we are pleased to present the first-hand experience of the Dr. Zeyd Merenkov, who has become one of the key opinion leaders internationally for his decades of medical and technical experience in transfusion medicine.

Case histories and succes stories


We have deep roots, developed through 30 years of history. Competence, experience and passion guide our present and push us
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